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3.4 Why am I not hitting with Ranged Attacks? 1) Create a new game and design the character's appearance how you want it 2) Backup your save files in case things break 3) Unpack that new save and your existing save file into its parts (JSON files) 4) Figure out specifically where your characters are in the JSON files (probably just search for the character name) '\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Mods'). You can just as easily dominate enemies with a pure class with no multiclassing or archetype just as easily as one who dabbles in a bit of everything. Backup your save files first. Use on your own risk! How to find save files directory: Highly likely you can find your savegames here: Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Owlcat Games/Pathfinder Kingmaker/Saved Games 3.8 Can I chain actions? Put at 1 in persuasion at character creation, finish arcana and mobility, then persuasion again. Mods for Pathfinder: Kingmaker Eldritch Arcana (work in progress) This mod adds the Oracle class, new spells, magic-themed feats, character traits, and other fun things from PnP Pathfinder. A subreddit for all things involving Pathfinder: Kingmaker CRPG made by Owlcat Games. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker you can easily select a main character from the game templates and play with it. Romance for this playthough is Tristian. 1 Mods 2 Companion Build Guides 3 Tips 3.1 Where can I get more information on custom portraits? Note: this was last tested against the PF:K 1.3.0. The best way to improve the experience of Pathfinder: Kingmaker is to add as many mods as physically possible to the game. RELATED: Pathfinder 2e: … Mod recreates your character keeping all your equipment and experience. Open the Unity Mod Manager by pressing CTRL + F10. No commentary in this play though and some cheat mods. 3.2 How do I make it feel more turn-based? The developers of Owlcat Games have created a few well-balanced characters that offer enough opportunities for players who don’t want to worry about character creation. Kingmaker Character Editor. This is an experimental version and the respecialization is available only for your main character. 3.3 I'm pretty good at video games, should I start on a higher difficulty? The game is similar to classic RPG games such as Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. 3.6 How does casting defensively work? At one time, there was a joke that those who did not refund Kingmaker due to bugs simply could not cope with character creation. Adjust the settings in the mod's menu. Strategy Guide for Character Creation. Building your character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Pathfinder is a tabletop RPG based off of the 3.5 Ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons. While I tried to test everything, some features may not work properly yet. This project will be a character editor for the Pathfinder Kingmaker game by Owlcat Games. Time to start our adventure in the stolen lands as the elven sorcerer queen. Start the game and load a save or start a new save (the mod's functions can't accessed from the main menu). Respecialization is a mod for Pathfinder: Kingmaker, created by newman55. Install the mod using the Unity Mod Manager or extract the archive to your game's mod folder (e.g. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first Pathfinder game to make it to the PC. Description: Mod Allows to change class or specialization of your hero in the Pathfinder Kingmaker. 3.5 What are finesse weapons? Mods can add some very functional concepts to the game or alter gameplay in hilariously fun ways. 3.7 Why am I moving so slow?

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