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But we are getting ahead of ourselves, because oyster flavor, like perfume notes, comes in three stages, and texture is part of stage 2. Copyright Rowan Jacobsen. Olympias and European Flats taste metallic and smoky. We eat because we must. A thin oyster may not have much sweet, starchy glycogen, but it can still have plenty of umami. Food is rarely art. Order a few of the same type. Glycogen is made from glucose—the same kind of sugar we use in our muscles for energy. This only works if your oysters are in portable cages.) In the role of primordial bar snack, to accompany a pint of lager, a fully saline oyster can be great. Only a small sampling of the selection at Grand Central Oyster Bar (Credit: Grand Central Oyster Bar, New York City). You are in the company of adults, among whom you desperately want to be accepted. Don’t expect to identify these flavors the first time you taste an oyster. It was originally published on our site on September 6, 2007 and has been updated with new formatting, links, and images. #oyster #special #christmasday #marenneoleron #number3, A post shared by Christophe Dittrich (@c.dittrich) on Dec 25, 2018 at 12:18pm PST, Not everyone prefers the algae-plumped oysters of spring and fall. You are fully present and engaged, not watching football while absentmindedly slapping nachos in your mouth. If you are French and you get a green or gold oyster, you squeeze yourself for joy, thank the gastronomic gods for delivering such a prize, and dig in. One surefire way to increase umami in oysters is to let them sit in the fridge for a while. So an oyster that’s been out of the water for a week will be more savory, and have different flavors, than one that was pulled out that day. It might add body to an oyster’s taste, but not sweetness. The oyster feeds again, but this time, instead of storing its food as glycogen, it stores much of it as lipids—fat—which is necessary for producing sperm or eggs. American restaurants don’t bother trying to serve these, especially the reds, which make it look as though the shucker has cut himself. To help shed some light, here are 10 facts about these molluscs. At first look, they appear to be smaller lobsters, or in some cases, langoustines may look like bigger shrimp. As oysters have risen in popularity, the Gulf oyster became what many conceive to be the “stock” oyster you’d find at many raw bars and roasts. There is nothing quite like them.” Something about them excites the palate, and the mind, in a way that other shellfish don’t. It will taste buttery and rich for a brief time, until those lipids get converted to sperm or eggs, at which point it develops more of an “organ meat” flavor. … Oysters lead to discussion, to contemplation, and to sensual delight. "If you're a new, maybe squeamish oyster eater--start small," Ingber recommends. "Hearing other people's perceptions can open your eyes. "Fresh Biscuit" — Beginners oysters … Do oysters taste like clams? Part of the pleasure in eating an oyster is paying attention to this other creature, respecting it. One may be minerals and metals. Leaner oysters have clearer, smaller meat and bright flavor notes, and they don’t coat your mouth.”. Hall and Wiss recommend gathering a group of fellow oyster fans and starting a dialogue. Like terroir for wine (an expression that relates to grapes sharing the "taste of a place" via the soil), oyster farmers talk about “merroir” for their harvests. "'Strong-tasting vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, garlic and caffeine may make semen taste or smell unpleasant. Knowing some starter lingo (mild, briny, buttery) can help the staff direct you to oyster bliss. As oyster farming has exploded over the last decade, oysters have evolved from seafood house specific snacks into a common bar fare. In a small restaurant, asking questions opens the door to an interactive experience. If you like sushi, then you are well on your way to liking oysters. RELATEDHow to Make a D.I.Y. Once you've tasted the oyster and talked about it--eat the same oyster again. Eastern oysters taste of the salty sea and various minerals, not fruit. Eleanor Clark mentioned their “shock of freshness.” M. F. K. Fisher was one of many to point out that they are “more like the smell of rock pools at low tide than any other food in the world.” To the French poet Léon-Paul Fargue, eating one was “like kissing the sea on the lips.” For James Beard, they were simply “one of the supreme delights that nature has bestowed on man. Always eat the first one "naked.". "If you're going to eat something that tastes of the sea, you should really go all the way. ", And, hearing that description, I was out the door in the direction of the nearest oyster bar. Similar to a wine tasting, begin with milder tastes, building up the strength of flavor and level of brine. One of my favorite descriptions of oyster aroma comes from Luca Turin, the perfume expert, in “The Emperor of Scent,” and it isn’t even describing an oyster. Don't know the difference? Many people also like to eat their raw oysters on a plain saltine cracker as it provides a unique juxtaposition of textures and flavors. Judy Rodgers, for example, of San Francisco’s Zuni Café, says, “I know I like ‘leaner’ oysters—literally, not full of food, stored as creamy glycogen, which is chemically equivalent to cornstarch. Depending on the warmth of the water and the type of oyster, spawning can take place anywhere from May to August. These saltwater mollusks are native to Europe and are recognized by common names such as Belon oysters, mud oysters, or Colchester native oysters. Oysters taste like eating a small amount of pure ocean. Its sensual pleasures go beyond taste. Whereas pineapple, oranges and other sweet fruits may make it taste … An oyster stores food in two ways. Always eat oysters fresh, newly opened and chilled. ", Harvesting oysters at H.M. Terry Co., Inc.'s farm (Credit: H.M. Terry Oyster Company, Eastern Shore Virgini). And there is a discernible difference between a strongly flavored oyster and a bad one. "Creamy" — When the oyster is buttery and not as firm, and often happens with Pacific Northwest oysters. See if you recognize anything new. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, the oyster-like taste of borage makes for a great undercurrent in sauces and an excellent addition to vegetables that need a savory hit. Although browns could be used in any application, they work very well in any dish where one seeks a stronger, more earthy flavor. Similarly, cast-iron pans and clay pots have long been known to impart good flavors to certain foods. Many oysters are referred to as sweet. Most people don’t chew their oysters long enough to get more than a whisper of sweetness on the finish. It’s worth pointing out that salt and acid cancel each other on the tongue, so a squeeze of lemon or a touch of mignonette will substantially reduce the impression of salt. Smoke flavored oysters are tasty and it makes a real difference what wood smoke you used and the type of cooker - fruit woods give a sweater taste (apple wood) nut woods flavors are stronger and sharper in flavor. Here, there’s thought put into the accompanying condiment; the fruits bring a new dimension to what would otherwise be an overly salty dish. He compares tasting oysters to tasting wine: it is subjective, personal, and takes time to develop. Salt or brine hits first--ranging from subtle to bold. Like a hunter, you stay focused, alive to the world and the signals it sends you. They don’t taste like Chinese barbecue. Some have a delicious finish that people call watermelon, but it’s really the spicy, herbal taste you get from watermelon rind—unmistakable, but quite distinct from the taste of watermelon flesh. But then the water warms up and swollen rivers pour nutrients into the estuaries, fueling the spring algae blooms. The enlightened ostreaphile, however, knows that the famous Marenne oysters of France are finished in shallow saltwater basins dense with a blue navicule algae that turns their liquor and their mantles green and gives them a singularly rich flavor. Chewing also begins to release an oyster’s sweetness. It is an individual creature, and there is always some excitement and mystery as you unveil it in all its half-shell glory. The aroma should be super-fresh, instantly transporting you to the sea. This is an excerpt from Rowan Jacobsen’s “A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur’s Guide to Oyster Eating in North America,” Bloomsbury USA (September 4, 2007). The first stage involves salt, the second stage body and sweetness, and the third floral or fruity finishes. While it is possible to generalize about the taste of an oyster from a particular body of water—eat enough Hama Hamas, for example, and you will start to recognize certain shell patterns and flavor notes—any single oyster can deviate significantly from the norm. Such oysters provide plenty of taste interest up front, but allow the body and finish of the oyster to come through. If you're intimidated by long lists of unfamiliar oysters, try an oyster bar with a limited menu. Ice cream, sex, and crack all plug straight into our limbic system and get those dopamine centers firing. No, oysters are never going to make it onto the dessert course. You are presented with an oyster, you overcome your initial fear or revulsion, take the plunge, and afterward feel brave and proud and relieved. Give yourself multiple tastes to identify its character. And sweetness is driven by season. But how many of us sink our teeth into the oyster meat, chewing to release the flavor? For Chris Quartuccio of Blue Island, it's "a fat, zesty oyster with a crunchy bite and balanced brine. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. This doesn’t always correlate with size. Eat with your eyes first: a healthy oyster fills out the sturdy shell with fat, firm meat. In the Gulf of Mexico and other points south, where cold water is not an issue, and where there is plenty of plankton year-round, oysters never go dormant. Follow her on Twitter @jessicacolley. So are oysters. Glycine isn’t a sugar, but it’s one of several amino acids (protein building blocks) that taste lightly sweet to us. He lied. Find a server with opinions to help you choose wisely. Clams are known for having a briny and pungent taste, while oysters have a smooth and buttery taste. I can’t really describe the taste but I can tell you with absolute certainty that bull nuts taste nothing remotely like venison. I talked to experts near and far to gather the basics of an oyster education. Some pleasures in life are immediate. Our saliva is filled with enzymes that break down food (that, in fact, is saliva’s job), and oysters themselves have enzymes that will start to break down their tissue once they are dead. Unfortunately, one bad oyster can get you so sick you’ll be out of commission for days. This is different from wine, where the grapes are all harvested in the fall, and the entire year’s harvest gets mixed together. Oysters are enjoyed by people all over the world. We don’t yet know what factors influence umami content in oysters. They are firm and slippery at the same time. They were off the chain with the lime juice and the tabasco hot sauce. But if you plan to have more than a few, you may soon feel like a kid at the beach who has gulped too much seawater. It’s a one-on-one relationship. Think of the novice wine drinker in “Sideways” who, when asked to describe the flavor of a wine, says “fermented grapes.” At first, oysters taste “oystery.” But the more you taste them side by side, the more obvious the differences become. --Jessica Colley. Melon is another common note—not surprisingly, since cucumbers and melons are in the same family and share some aroma compounds. The essayist Michel de Montaigne compared them to violets. The biggest factor is season. Umami is perhaps best described as savory. Oysters are great. In the fall, as the water cools, it eats as much food as it can, transforming that food into the glycogen that will keep it fueled through the dormant winter months when it doesn’t feed. Many Pacifics have a hint of melon gone murky, as if you stored cantaloupe slices and sardines in the same refrigerator container. He suggests making two important choices when ordering: size and salt. Like wine, terroir and variety matters when it comes to the world of oysters. Only afterward do you realize how alive and satisfied you felt. All the fruity flavors ascribed to oysters belong to Pacifics and their little cousin the Kumamoto. The question is this: How much time does it take? No doubt exotic flavors lurk in the blue, red, and gold oysters, too, but don’t expect a wave of interest in the States. Raw with fresh lemon and cocktail sauce (heavy on horseradish) is my favorite. Those Hama Hamas, for instance, will taste sweet and salty in fall, buttery and fresh in spring, when months of rain have swelled the Hamma Hamma River, and thin and salty in summer, after they have spawned. Sometimes sweet in regard to oysters is a euphemism for “not salty.” It sounds better than calling an oyster “bland.” But some oysters have a discernible sweetness, and most people, but not all, agree that a sweeter oyster is a better oyster. Oysters tend to have a stronger briny taste compared to mussels. By the time you have shucked the oyster, examined it, and slurped it, you have gotten to know that oyster pretty darned well. It’s what makes chicken broth, soy sauce, and anchovies taste delicious. The Taste. Along with chef de cuisine Ken Wiss, Hall loves when customers, "come in and geek out with us over oysters." No one fills up on them. But every oyster is its own entity, and oysters are harvested to order. The flavor of oysters becomes stronger, the longer they are cooked. The texture of an oyster is quite unique with many describing it as firm, yet slimy. The Oyster Conversion Experience is remarkably consistent among individuals, genders, and generations. Ask any food scientist, and she will tell you that glycogen is tasteless. If your waiter or waitress doesn’t serve your oysters with a side of saltines, you may want to ask, as it can be a great way to cut the flavor. Borage is great, for example, in this recipe for Peas with Lemon and Tarragon, because it … We do not eat them to satisfy any needs—except for our need to experience. Such softness within such hardness. Don’t expect to identify these flavors the first time you taste an oyster. They will often spawn in sporadic trickles over months, rather than in a single spurt. Virtually everyone agrees that an oyster pulled straight out of the sea tastes better. I find the texture jelly-like and smooth but with no tooth resistance at all. Oysters usually come with various accoutrements (lemon, cocktail sauce, a mignonette sauce of … Free amino acids, especially glutamate, are responsible for umami. ", Don't slurp and gulp a perfect oyster like this one from Blue Island Oyster Co.--take a couple of chews before swallowing. On rare occasions, the water an oyster feeds on is so dense with a particular algae that it turns the oyster liquor blue, green, red, even gold. Oysters don’t taste like bacon double-cheeseburgers. It can be overwhelming, unnoticeable, or anywhere in between. (Some people like the taste of a spawny Eastern oyster. At that time, it will taste like little more than a bag of saltwater. Personally, Stafford-Hill likes ultra-briny oysters, like a Pemaquid from Maine. A cadre of contrarians favor thin ones. Many of us share a love for oysters, washing the briny bivalves down with a glass of champagne or pint of stout. They may even feel like a challenge at the time. As they metabolize without oxygen, they develop more propionic acid (found in milk and charcoal) and more amino acids—more umami. People who grew up eating low-salinity oysters, however, prefer them, insisting that too much salt masks the buttery seaweed tastes that make oysters unique. By April, it is pretty thin. Ask an oyster farmer what makes his oysters sweet and he will say glycogen—the starch that oysters store as an energy supply. We have grown accustomed to a certain level of salt in almost all our food.

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