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The A4 Dominions have always sounded great though (the crosshair alignment thing is pure genius), but living in Euroland I haven’t seen these brakes in the wild yet…, I definitely get the appeal of a contact point adjuster in theory, I just don’t think that their promise is borne out very well in practice. Rating Required. They’d quickly settle back in and resume normal performance, and despite that slight downside, I generally prefer the T100 pads for their overall improved power. Whenever brakes had lacked this adjustment, I found that fiddling with lever reach sort of helped but at the expense of lever position, especially on long descents when things really heat up and expand. That gets you a stated weight savings of 50 g per brake (and a price increase of $60 per wheel). Hayes absolutely dominated the disc brake market at one time but lost that lead in a big way. I wouldn’t mind if the lever blade was a little slimmer, with less of a broad, flat contact surface, but it’s a minor gripe and didn’t give me any real trouble. The Dominion four-piston hydraulic disc brake has been developed for the rigors of DH and enduro riding provide. I tend to prefer a simple screw for reach adjustment, since reach tends to be pretty set-and-forget as long as your brakes are working properly. I’ve gotten along well with their recent four-piston brakes (having mostly spent time on Saint, XT, and XTR brakes) when they’re relatively new and working well. Caliper construction on the Hayes Dominion A4 utilizes a two piece aluminum body and four pistons to grip onto their D-Series Rotor. The Dominion family features three models: The A2, A4 (tested), and the recently released T2. If you back off the screws, push the caliper inboard with one hand, and then tighten the screws with the other, you can accurately align both ends of the caliper and then tighten down the main mounting bolts to secure it. 02-22-2020 #4 Phoenix864 Caliper adapters for Hayes Dominion A4 Looking at picking up a set of Hayes Dominions for my bike. Lever with ball bearing main pivot. Hayes Dominion A4 Brake Teardown. Price. Having dominated the disc brake market in the late 2000s with the HFX, Hayes has been in the wilderness for a while. ... Hayes Front Adaptor to 51mm I.S. I don’t think I’ve hit the levers massively hard in my time with them, but I have crashed with them a number of times, and apart from some minor cosmetic scuffing, they’re no worse for the wear. JavaScript is disabled. I generally prefer brakes with short strokes and firm bite points, and the A4 perfectly hits the mark in those regards. Jed has a documented history of finding creative ways to break things, 5-Ski Quivers: Reviewers’ Selections (20/21), Front, uncut hose: 291 g (no adapter or rotor), Rear, uncut hose: 326 g (no adapter or rotor). Mine are incredibly consistent, but took what felt like days of bleeding. The Hayes Dominion A4 goes for $230 per wheel without rotor or adaptor. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Swapping caliper seals to fine tune isn’t exactly practical…. A4 works great but I do have some wandering bite point – may air in the system? Speaking of the lever blade, Hayes goes so far as to offer two versions of it — the “Standard” version, and an “SFL” or “Small Finger Lever” version, meant for riders with smaller hands who run their levers closer to the bar. The Dominion’s master cylinder is factory tuned for the shortest dead stroke possible and a … It’s a great idea, and, of course, you don’t necessarily need to use both — you can always do a more standard bleed procedure through one of the ports, but the other one is there if you need it. That means they invested serious R&D time in their Dominion comeback brake and it’s been worth it. The rotors are 1.95mm thick and were designed specifically to cancel out any … The Hayes Dominion is another option in a sea of great four-piston brakes like the Magura MT, Formula Cura4, Shimano Zee/Saint/XTR/XT, and SRAM Code.

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