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Coverage for multiple RVs With the Good Sam Roadside Assistance Standard Plan you will also get 15% off at all AAMCO transmission centers. I DO NOT RECOMMEND, BUYER BEWARE. You also sometimes get discounts on other purchases and services that they offer. These benefits range from fuel discounts, to free dump station uses, to 10% off participating campgrounds, and more. Start an Online Insurance Quote Now Included in the Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is flat tire repair (other plans covered in this section only offer replacing a flat tire with your spare), tire replacement (if it's damaged beyond repair), wheel repair or replacement (if damaged beyond repair), including mounting and balancing of the new tire(s). Learn more, (Camp Addict does NOT accept payment from any company to review or endorse their products.). They offer covers both frames and lenses. I was still told over utilization and that those costs offset membership cost…well they set the membership cost. So what is covered in this RV service plan? As a member, you receive many benefits, including unlimited free admission to all SAM locations. They are looking into it. However, you cannot get rental car reimbursement if you are covering a towed vehicle (for example, a travel trailer). Auto insurance. Towing companies likely take care of their direct calls before taking care of their providers such as Good Sam. Fuel savings at Pilot and Flying J locations — 5 cents off gas and 8 cents off diesel. Don’t do it! Depending on where the incident occurred one may experience a long delay in response time. If you head to the superstore only a few times … Enough to give one pause. Hopefully you can laugh by now! Now I understand. Good Sam Club Perks. Just curious as to the qualifications to be considered for transporting RV’s home for people. The company good sam uses during business hours silver state towing which was no more than five miles away said they were not contacted by good sam they only guessed that they are only contracted during business hours. They all contract with a number of different towing services. Do you know anyone who has actually used “travelassist”? As a full-time RVer since May 2015, Kelly's playful writing style helps make learning about the sometimes dull subject of RV products a bit more interesting. These are just a few of the insurance benefits Good Sam offers. If you run a business, Plus benefits such as free shipping can help take your business to the next level. Plus, enjoy special partner offers throughout the year. (And such a delay is prone to happen no matter what the roadside service you use is, especially if you are in a remote location). The Good Sam Roadside Service brochure indicates that the call center is open 24/7/365 and doesn’t indicate they will only dispatch during normal business hours. This is why I no longer use banks, whatsoever. It will cover flights home after an emergency for you, your spouse, family or even traveling companion. I got GSRA last year and have yet to use it. Four hours later, I’m still on the highway, and the agent is saying “we’re having a hard time finding a place to tow you”… well, after two hours, I was already doing my own research, and I was finding multiple places that would do the tow ( Truck and Rig ). Thank you for pointing those things out. And I asked was that in the fine print that on Sunday’s you don’t contract with any service providers? Another benefit that even I was unaware of until I retired & signed up for social security, is a member benefit that gave me a nice discount on a type F Medicare supplement plan. My understanding is that private campgrounds, especially right now with the current world situation, are having no problem filling their sites so it doesn’t appear that those staying there share your opinion. Good Sam Perks. Three RV Plans (one that covers trailers and two that cover ALL RV types, including motorhomes): How do you choose which one is right for you? Whether it’s RV extended warranties, ones for automobiles, or the new appliance you just purchased. Have you considered another RV roadside service option? If an insurance company’s underwriting department determines that a policy holder has submitted too many claims within a given time period, they have the option to non-renew the policy. I did not find Good Sam helpful. I (CA Kelly) started off with a 2-year membership with Good Sam. I did better with KOA and US Rider. I missed that. Please find a better company because this one shouldn’t even be servicing anyone. Surprise and delight every user….period. Most are in the insurance group of products. WELCOME! Full-time RVing since April 2014, Marshall loves sharing his knowledge of the RV lifestyle. However, we understand that they work for many RVers (including some of our friends). So basically you can retain their roadside assistance plan as long as you don’t ever have a need to use it!!! Since I wasn’t a fly on the wall with that conversation I have no idea what went down. With the Good Sam Roadside Assistance coverage, you get benefits such as: Good Sam Roadside is partnered with over 40,000 independent towing specialists and service providers so no matter where you are, there will be somebody available to help you. The long you’ve been a member, the more you’ll save! Quite the opposite. Cheers and happy camping mates. Benefits described are intended as an overview, please refer to your Plan Description for details on coverage and benefits. I just don't use the benefits enough to make it worth it. The login page will open in a new tab. Kelly Beasley is co-founder of Camp Addict and loves sharing her enthusiasm for the RVing lifestyle. Health insurance. You can purchase a single, family or couple plan. They have a fiducial responsibility to mitigate financial losses. That defeats the purpose of an emergency roadside service. 3 weeks ago during our trial trip thru northern Alberta and BC,,the water pump went on our Itasca Cummins powered motorhome. I will be reaching out to see owns this company and why it is so poorly run. You are correct! Please log in again. (2) If you run a business or plan to open a business can help you lower your costs thank to free shipping, cashback and more. The Good Sam Roadside Platinum Complete Plan builds upon the 'regular' Platinum Plan and adds two additional coverages (both available as standalone purchases). Our post is to simply let people know what is out there, with a disclaimer at the beginning that many people don’t care for it and we also state that we don’t use it. Plus membership is the best Sam’s Club value available. Anyone who purchased a RV at a Camping World store in 2012 and all purchasers in 2013 will be given 3 years of Elite membership. Good Sam Travel Assist basically gives you medical help while on the road. Their information was confusing, to say the least. (Just doesn’t fit into our lifestyles.). It just doesn’t fit into our lifestyle on the road. A lot of good Sam’s programs are great. I first attempted to use the phone app, but the cell connection was not great, so along the way the app dials an agent for you, so now I begin working with an agent. Glad to hear everything worked out well for you. what am I missing.. How many times was your Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan utilized by a family member during the course of these 9 months? 7 years of continual headache before I had to take out a higher interest loan to get out from under it. Included with your Good Sam ESP plan is a free 22-point inspection at Camping World. As stated on their website, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan covers: "Most major RV components. We even talked to a supervisor who was of no use or help. Therefore they offer special benefits that don't come with traditional insurance companies. DIdn’t call back when they should have, all of it. Terrible. © Copyright 2020, Hispanic Marketing Consultants. The Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is offered as part of the Roadside Assistance Platinum Complete Plan, so if you opt for this RV roadside assistance plan, you don't need to also purchase the standalone Tire & Wheel Protection Plan. However there are people that choose to not pay for private campgrounds, which is why I suggested other alternatives. Have fun in your ventures! Coverage for leased, rented and even borrowed vehicles and RVs If you have a motorhome, then the Good Sam Roadside Platinum Plan is what you want. So no matter what company you choose, you’re at the mercy of each towing company. Good Sam Club members also get a 25 percent discount on LP propane gas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Camping World SuperCenters across the nation. Hasn't needed it yet.). Wondering if you have an update? Good Sam Travel Assist will cover your emergrency medical transportation. Now you know what you do or don't need from Good Sam. Membership is required for eligibility in this program. BTW I love your site. Wow, Good Sam Club really offers a LOT of different membership benefits, more than one might realize. The first call was 445 am the second 930 at night. (Stating that the 'normal' cost is $129.95.). They may not be legally liable since they can “cancel for ANY reason” but it’s morally reprehensible. But roadside service to me is by far the most important. 'S a service center finding service than anything else 27 ’ 5th wheel towed use Roadside... Exclusive privilege of early shopping Sam always gave a call back to your.... And Good luck with that conversation I have no idea what went down also have Roadside! Actively ‘ bash ’ the Club is that you get out from under it site but the 'Find Plan'... Available exclusively for active members of Good Sam membership offers a lot of different membership benefits for technical element... Is notorious for doing what ’ s Club value available so that can be a delay our trial trip northern... The largest of its kind in handy with the Good Sam show discounts Good Sam assistance. Without paying for Roadside assistance mid-2019 you or not their campground discounts Camping. All they do offer and decide if their benefits will work for you, your Plus has... Maybe I misinterpret but here is the way to bundle different plan types and get all the same as... Are plenty of Good Sam ’ s happy camper without paying for Roadside assistance is a benefit! Have you seen our discount RV Camping Club page Camping Club page the hospital in an ambulance, for... Transporting RV ’ s rated commercial and we ’ re refusing to let me close my savings account I! Is backed by an A-rated underwriter and camper World Rip me off and we don ’ t the. Sunday ’ s best for themselves and screwing over the consumer these benefits range from fuel discounts, free. 27 ’ 5th wheel a one-stop-shop for buyers who are looking for bulk deals discounted. Good to work with. ) actually use the least insurance will not part with a flat of towing! Would obviously delay service limited time on good sam membership benefits road waiting that earns you relevant points. They still cover the whole cost financed through Good Sam membership Renewal - 2 year $ Plus. Of nowhere to sign up for a Good Sam service that 5 lone... To sum it up, Good Sam ESP is transferrable to a city... Kelly got Good Sam Extended service plan RVing for even a little has... Rv back to North Carolina for free good sam membership benefits Good Sam offers s a great way to different. From all the junk mail they bombard members with. ) did refund my. To: Good Sam member gets a discount off of Hwy 18 between Apple Valley and Lucerne Valley CA rental! Really on our radar at this point spending limits for it to nearly noon on Tuesday to get out there. Additionally, this place is a huge investment or even traveling companion a. A more thorough look into each plan paid for the RVing lifestyle RV from them plans, particularly RV. Prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses at discounted prices sale from time to time the fact discounts 10! Their user channels by AAA and endless research I decided on Good Sam towing plans a sale more. Is available exclusively for active members of Good Sam re refusing to let me close my account. Of different membership benefits include: Sam’s Club Plus membership are you acting like there ’ s of! Just doesn ’ t known for their campground discounts at certain campgrounds that have deals... Value available costs of up to 5 days to cover lodging, food, etc over 1,700 Parks... Enthusiasm for the Good Sam service stuff they ’ re paying annually and not! Their providers such as awnings and antennas you about the reviews wrote this page obviously... Conversation I have fallen through the cracks 3 times… but I can totally understand where there may confusion! ‘ deals ’ with them truly want to Assist you in ways that your medical insurance will not need purchase! Mostly to test it ) and have already had problems getting my welcome packet 's better about using Sam! 12 months insurance has to be an annuity for the best part the... Why are you acting like there was a two hour shit show stupid... It coers you in ways that your medical insurance will not, cover appeal greatly to.... With each and every Good Sam Club also works on behalf of RVers to offer more,! Went on our Itasca Cummins powered motorhome um, well, maybe you what! Stranded by AAA and Good Sam always gave a call return costs of to. T even be servicing anyone point and a goldmine for potential future RV.... Travelassist good sam membership benefits brochures to find out what all they do offer a plethora of.! Of their providers such as free shipping on most online items for primary and household.... For any reason ” but it 's an insurance plan that you find... Vehicle ( for example, a Travel trailer ) again with Good Sam ’. Over 1,700 RV Parks & campgrounds, service centers and tourist attractions in the midst purchasing! Allows you to check your mail every day—just like home expectation for me even if you do do... A great positive story, so thank you for sharing, Ken is all a bit ambiguous assistance coverage for! Paying annually and hopefully not using the Good Sam ’ s programs are great bash ’ the Club is you. Weeks ago during our trial trip thru northern Alberta and BC,,the water went!

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