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Fish must be weighed on state inspected scales having a minimum graduation of 1 ounce, or the decimal equivalent. Connecticut River. 25" Apr. Travis Kupchok. A. Camilleri - Chester, CT: Atlantic Mackerel: 1 lb1.6 oz. Cwoodman's buddy Larry caught one a number of years ago. 2. Jacob has caught a brown trout that weighed in at 9 … MOconservation 17,474 views. Jack Dugay. Catch and Release Category Rules. 2013. Evan Kamoen. Freshwater Fish Records. B. Ferris – Wakefield, RI. “The two fish add to the remarkable list of record fish being caught in Vermont year in and year out,” said Shawn Good, fisheries biologist with Vermont Fish & Wildlife. Bowfin. Bruce Kelly. Jack's dad, Brian, said Jack "has been hopelessly addicted to fishing since I put a rod and reel in his hands at the age of 3.". Edward Cypus. Blackwells Brook, Brooklyn. ct.gov/coronavirus, DEEP is continuing to carry out its mission and provide services while keeping both the public and our workforce safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 1 … 15 oz. West Hill Pond, Barkhamsted/New Hartford. Marina K. Molnar. GLASTONBURY, CT — A Cromwell teen recently caught a state record bowfin on the Connecticut River in Glastonbury. Smallmouth Bass. Channel Catfish 29-lbs., 6-oz. Some will exceed 20 pounds, making them larger than the current Connecticut state record brown trout of 18 pounds, 5 ounces caught by angler Tony Urbanowicz from the Saugatuck Reservoir in 2011. 1990. DEEP COVID-19 Response, © 2. 2017. Comments. State Record American Shad 9 lbs 4 oz. Maine Freshwater Record Fish SPECIES WEIGHT ANGLER DATE LOCATION Atlantic Salmon 28 lbs. State: Weight: Location: Angler: Date: Alabama 10 lbs 14 oz Weiss Reservoir Julia Hurley 6/24/1980 Arizona 16 lbs 1.76 oz Show Low Lake Gregg Munck 11/18/2002 Arkansas 22 lbs 11 oz Greers Ferry Lake Al Nelson 3/12/1982 Colorado 18 lbs 13 oz Standley Lake Scott Regan 1997 Connecticut 14 lbs 8 … Brown Trout (Sea-Run) 9-lbs., 13-oz. Here are some of the most impressive record fishing catches in Connecticut, according to the state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. 2019. Here are the photos for the State Record Pike - Congrats to Leslie Slater who has tied the state record with her catch of a 29.0 pound Northern Pike. Verified Record Freshwater Fish: SPECIES: LENGTH: WEIGHT: WATERBODY: TOWN: DATE: ANGLER: STATE: American Eel: 44.50" 8 lbs. More will be added as … 2000. 5 lbs. 3:07. For the latest information, resources, and guidance related to coronavirus (COVID-19), visit 20 ¼" Oct. 1990: Block Island: J. Yurwitz - Block Island, RI: American Shad (Closed) 6 lbs., 8 oz. Officials from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection made the announcement over the weekend. Here's how to verify your catch: The most important step is to get the fish weighed as soon as possible on a certified scale. There have been a few caught in Candlewood. 12. 14″ Millstone Outflow. Click here for the latest updates on DEEP's response to COVID-19. Brown Bullhead. It falls short, however, of the 28-pound, 8-ounce world record, which was caught in Maryland on January 2, 2015 by Kenneth Westerfeld of Bayside, New York. Crystal Lake Eaton 7/6/1975 Michael Hansharak NH Black Crappie 17.00″ ... Read More→ Connecticut River, Windsor. 15. Daniel Gesner. While our offices remain closed to the public due to COVID-19, please email rebecca.quinones@mass.gov to make an appointment to bring your fish into one of our office locations. David Andes. Pat Tomlinson. "We got a few nibbles, but nobody caught a thing until just before sunset, when Jack tossed a rubber worm into some weeds," Brian said. Slater's pike tied a 40-year-old record set in 1980, according to Connecticut Fish and Wildlife. Silver Sands State Park: Christopher Shea: 2016: Oyster Toadfish. 2016. 2009. 1 oz Howard Clifford 10/9/1980 location undisclosed Black Crappie 3 lbs 9.76 oz Quinn Warren Feb-12 Messalonskee Lake Blueback Trout 5.24 lbs Carter McLaughlin 8/20/2008 Pushineer Pond Brook Trout 9 lbs 2 oz Patrick Coan 1/8/2010 Mousam... Continue reading James M. Lucas II. 2. Record Fish Caught On Connecticut River. Smooth … 14” Nov. 2018 : T.Rovinelli- Providence, RI: Pollack: 28 lbs., 8 oz. Connecticut River, Glastonbury. Brian, Jack and his friend Gavin were on the Dugays' bass boat and spent about six hours fishing the river. 4.8. State Record Brown Trout 19 lbs. Sandbar (Brown) Shark. Bluegill. The fish must be presented in its entirety (whole). Thanks to Bill Gerrish from the CT DEP for tracking down and scanning these photos. 14" Millstone … Jonathan Schmedlin. Oyster Toadfish. 13" Long Island Sound. Connecticut Freshwater Record Fish. 1995. Most anglers have a whopping fish tale or two, but Leslie Slater of Barkhamsted has proof. 25″. Northern Kingfish. The Bowfin has been on his radar for a while now, but has always eluded him. 2018. Entry Rules. Clyde Turner. 3.2 oz. Connecticut River, Windsor: Edward Cypus: 1981: Bluegill: 2: 4: Private Pond, Madison: Daniel Gesner: 1996: Bowfin: 9: 0: Connecticut River, Glastonbury: Jack Dugay: 2019: Brook Trout: 9: 3: Blackwells Brook, Brooklyn: David Andes: 1998: Brown Bullhead: 4: 15: Prospect Pond, Southington: Robert Richey: 1990: Brown Trout: 19: 0: West Hill Pond, New Hartford: James M. Lucas II: 2014: Brown Trout … 2016 CT.gov | Connecticut's Official State Website, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Connecticut has been tracking records for fish caught in the state with the Trophy Fish Award program since the 1960s, according to the DEEP. Joe DeCosta. Candlewood also has some huge walleye. Oyster Toadfish. Here are some of the freshwater state record fish as shared with us by Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. For species not listed: Trophy Fish Award subject to Fisheries staff identification and review. 7. Kaleb Reed Crescenzo. 1996. Missouri Record Fish Stories - Brown Trout - Duration: 3:07. The CT record white perch caught by Jacob Niemczyk Rich said Jacob is the "luckiest" fisherman he knows. 0. If we are missing your photo, please email us right away at deep.inland.fisheries@ct.gov . 21″ Montauk Harbor . Middle Ground, Stratford. William Kondrasiewicz. Some of the features on CT.gov will not function properly with out javascript enabled. Aug. 29, 2020 Updated: Aug. 31, 2020 11:04 a.m. Facebook Twitter Email. Scup (Porgy) 5. It was closer to a few minutes.When we finally netted him and got him in the boat, Jack realized what it was and was so excited, he was still shaking hours later.". "That's when he hooked into what he thought was a log ... until it started fighting. Brown Trout. Wash Pond. All of the General Rules apply except that the fish does not need to be weighed. Christopher Shea. 9. Connecticut River, Hartford: Michael Hudak: 2012: Chain Pickerel: 8lb 9oz: West Twin … "He fought the fish for for what seemed like an hour. State Record Bowfin 9 lbs 0 oz. "Evidently, they are an invasive species that are still pretty rare in our part of the country," Brian said. Atlantic Salmon: 28 lbs. The Connecticut DEEP will be stocking 400 Seeforellen-strain brown trout in December averaging a whopping 15 pounds each. 11 lbs. Leslie Slater has tied a 40 year old state record for the largest Northern Pike with a … 0. That's Jack's fish tale and the 9 pound, 29.5-inch state record Bowfin is in the books. 22.5″. Sheepshead Porgy. May 1995 : A. Jacobs - Lincoln, RI: Scup: 5 lbs. Jack's angling bucket list is to, well, put "one of every fish" in his bucket, Brian said. Timothy Griffith Jr. 2016. Bill Evans with the state record for largemouth bass in 2016. For all potential State Record Fish, a print-out of weight from a certified scale must accompany the affidavit . Block Island Sound. 4. 1998. Private Pond, Madison. On an electro-shocking trip on Candlewood one spring we targeted a few likely walleye spawning areas and at a gravel bar off of Vaughn's Neck we shocked up two walleye that measured out at around 24 inches. Northern Puffer Catch and Release. Oyster Toadfish Catch and Release. … If you think your trophy fish may have broken a catch and keep record, it needs to be weighed by a MassWildlife Fisheries Biologist. 2014. 2019. The Most SUGGESTED LAKE To Fish In The Country || 50 State Fishing Tour (RI & CT) - … – CT State Record More info: Songs of The Season - A Virtual Concert, Major Mall Adds New Businesses; Bank Closing Location: CT News, The Latest Big Lottery Winners From Across Connecticut, Hidden Gems Of Hartford And Tolland Counties, 11 Good News Stories: Santa Secrets, $1,600 Worth Of Kindness, Glastonbury Weather Forecast For The Weekend Ahead. Common Carp 39-lbs., 8-oz. He's still trying to locate more for us. To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to arrestreports@patch.com. 2. The size of a potential trophy fish or state record fish can not exceed the maximum length for any given species (e.g., red drum). Connecticut River, Old Saybrook. 1. 20" Connecticut River, Windsor: Edward Cypus: 1981: Bluegill: 2: 4: Private Pond, Madison: Daniel Gesner: 1996: Bowfin: 9: 0: Connecticut River, Glastonbury: Jack Dugay: 2019: Brook Trout: 9: 3: Blackwells Brook, Brooklyn: David Andes: 1998: Brown Bullhead: 4: 15: Prospect Pond, Southington: Robert Richey: 1990: Brown Trout: 19: 0: West Hill Pond, New Hartford: James M. Lucas II: 2014: Brown Trout … 34. 1998. Robert Richey. The record has changed hands several times this season, they said, but the 9.0-pound bowfin landed by 16-year-old Jack Dugay currently sits at the top of the standings. It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. Anglers fishing in Connecticut have scored some pretty impressive catches over the years, setting all sorts of records for freshwater fish taken from the Constitution State's ponds and streams. Scup (Porgy) Catch and … 11. State Record Fish: Defined as the largest fish (by weight determined using a certified scale) either captured legally in Connecticut waters or landed in Connecticut. COLEBROOK, Conn. — This fish story is about the one that didn't get away. Branford Reef. 12. 3. 7. 2. Nowhere Else To Go: Grandmother, Millions Of Others Face Eviction, The Best Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List, An Enchanted Christmas! 9/77. 0. Jack used a rubber worm to land the big fish. 118. 18.5" Niantic River. GLASTONBURY, CT — A Cromwell teen recently caught a state record bowfin on the Connecticut River in Glastonbury. Pollock. 7. 1981. State Record Sea-Run Brown Trout 10 lbs 8 oz. A record fish was caught by a teenage angler on the Connecticut River.>>>Read More. 0. 2. Prospect Pond, Southington. Here's a list of the record fish. 0. Brook Trout. Silver Sands State Park. 0. Largemouth Bass. State Record Channel Catfish 29 lbs 6 oz 1985: Runnins River: W. Socha - Warren, RI: Hickory Shad: 2 lbs., 11 oz. Fill out a Vermont State Record Fish Entry Form, available at Fish & Wildlife offices statewide and from state Game Wardens or download a copy from our website. northern pike, tying a 40-year-old state record. CT woman ties state record with 'massive' pike catch. 19. ; Obtain the signatures of the scale operator and one other witness to the weighing. 1 oz., Howard Clifford, Portland, ME, 10/9/80, location undisclosed NOTICE: Under current law, sea-run Atlantic Salmon are considered federally-endangered, and no fishing is permitted for this species. State Record Chain Pickerel 8 lbs 9 oz. 9. 10.0" Hammonasset Beach. 2014 4. It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Across Connecticut ... State Rep Arrested On DUI Charge; His catch beats the standing Connecticut state record of 23 pounds 9 ounces, caught by Kendall Owens in 2011. 12. New Hampshire State Record Freshwater Fish SPECIES Length WEIGHT PLACE TOWN DATE ANGLER STATE American Eel 44.50″ 8 lbs. This summer four Connecticut anglers have caught fish large enough to be considered for two state and two world records. I've highlighted 6 of the 8 fish photos posted below. Leslie Slater of Barkhamsted caught a 29 lb. 10.

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