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2014 RESEARCH ON STREET HARASSMENT: In 2014, SSH commissioned the groundbreaking, 2,000-person nationally representative survey with firm GfK. When it comes to prevention manypeople can take an active role to intervene – especially bystanders. promotes positive change through bystander intervention trainings: live learning experiences (in-person pre COVID and now via Zoom) that teach both men and women how they can effectively disrupt harassment when they see it. Bystander intervention is the safe, smart first step to ending harassment . Venue: Student and Postdoc SIG Space (Studio Room 3). Clearly, this is only a start. Bullying can have significant mental, developmental, and social effects, which is why it is a public health concern. the bystander effect, a situation in which a greater number of observers is associated with a reduced likelihood of assistance in an apparent emergency. There is a 8-minute video that follows a young woman out at bar with her friends and a potential alcohol-facilitated sexual assault. Various trainings and models exist [ 46 , 47 , 48 ] and have similar principles. The survey found that 65% of all women nationwide had experienced street harassment. Simply put, bystander intervention is the opposite of passivity. Psychologists call this “the bystander effect” and have identified three key aspects of it. See more ideas about Bystander intervention, Upstander, Bystander. An engaged bystander is someone who lives up to that responsibility by intervening before, during, or after a situation when they witness behaviors that threaten, harass, or otherwise encourage sexual violence. It is important to increase intervention statistics in regards to the bystander effect because there is a bystander present in up to 65% of global violent victimizations that occur. Tips for Bystander Intervention: Preventing sexual harassment is everybody’s responsibility. Such a good reference, because any time I've been a bystander to a situation, I freeze up too and have no idea what to do. Postcards and posters can be used to accompany classroom learning about issues related to consent, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention. Anyone can experience sexual violence, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Include other resources or information as appropriate. Hollaback! At parties and music festivals the atmosphere can make it hard to recognize what is normal partying and what is predatory behaviour. campuses, teaching bystander intervention, and developing the next generation of movement leaders. Hollaback! Bystander Intervention Help a Stranger An info sheet that provides info on ways you can … Tip Sheets; Toolkits; building a vibrant, collaborative global commons. May 23, 2018 - How to INTERRUPT and transform from a bystander into an UPstander. Funded the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity to conduct a needs assessment on violence and 2SLGBTQ+ youth and young adults. Bystander intervention training (the core of Project SoundCheck) picked up by Ottawa Public Health. To achieve this we train employees of alcohol serving establishments how to recognize the signs of potential sexual assault. Is anyone helping the person being harassed? The Bridge to Hope 2110 4th Avenue NE Menomonie, WI 54751 715-235-9074 (Call) 715-505-3640 (Text) participants’ bystander intentions and bystander friend norms increased significantly after the first dose of intervention). If you are safe, go ahead and start recording. Check out this tip sheet from WITNESS for more details. Raise the Bar / Bystander Intervention The mission of Raise the Bar Indiana is to empower communities and alcohol serving establishments to create safer spaces for all. Interactive session presented by Concordia University’s Sexual Assault Resource Centre from 4 … %d bloggers like this: WITNESS trains and supports activists and citizens around the world to use video safely, ethically, and effectively to expose human rights abuse and fight for change. Bystander Intervention Fact Sheet, from the Queensland Human Rights Commission. If you are safe, go ahead and start recording. Bystander Intervention: How To Look Out For Each Other and Party Safely. CP Week 2017 – Day 4 – Youth Engagement. If someone else is already helping out, assess your own safety. A few tips: Make sure to keep a safe distance. Support 24/7. MEDIA: Contact SSH at for interview requests. 2017 Tip Sheets. First, assess the situation. Bystander Intervention Training: Over two-third (69%) of respondents who indicated the most serious experience they had was bullying said bystanders were present during the … See more ideas about bystander intervention, bystander, intervention. Even as the attention faded, however, those of us who work and live with kids know that it's worth taking extra time to acknowledge that stopping bullying is not as easy as it sounds on a tip sheet. Anti-Violence and Bystander Intervention Home Search Research Guides Search. Bystander intervention: tips for what to do if you witness discrimination, hate speech or vilification. These resources allow you to bring up challenging but important conversations with students, working to challenge social myths and equip students with the knowledge to be effective, safe bystanders. Is anyone helping the person being harassed? Early intervention is key to a positive and supportive resolution for all parties involved. CP Week 2017 – Day 5 – Safety on Campus. For kids, who are often in the very best position to stop the bullying that occurs in their midst, the barriers to intervention are very real and quite formidable. New York Times, “Numbers Hint at Why #MeToo Took Off: The Sheer Number Who Can Say Me Too.” (It was linked to in the NYT Daily Briefing on 2/22/18) NPR, “A New Survey Finds 81 Percent Of Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment.” It … Check out this tip sheet. Continued to manage CODA: Connecting On Disability and Abuse committee. Monday, Nov. 2 Less Medicine, More Health – 7 Assumptions That Drive Too Much Medical Care. Event: 1-on-1 Discussion Office Hours with Emma Kaywin. Among all women, 23% had been sexually touched, 20% had been followed, and 9% had … 2016 Tip Sheets. use impairs judgement as well as lowers that person’s inhibition, in the Army’s “Stand-To” campaign they highlighted alcohol as being the number one choice that is used by predators to find courage or weaken their victims. CP Week 2017 – Day 2 – Business Crime Prevention. The author contends that popular approaches like bystander intervention can have complicated outcomes, with some studies noting an increase in bullying after implementation. Do’s and don’t’s for bystander intervention This handout offers tips for how to intervene in public instances of racist, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Trans, and other forms of oppressive interpersonal violence and harassment while considering the safety of all parties. It Stops With Me' project Global Perspectives. Content Warning Content Warning: Some of the links in this guide include detailed descriptions regarding experience with physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. We have taken massive strides in the fight against sexual assault and have had an overwhelmingly positive response from individuals and campus communities alike. Be prepared for emotional responses and reactions and refer to a professional if necessary. If someone else is already helping out, assess your own safety. Results indicated that there was a significant difference in participants’ mean scores on bystander intentions [t(952) = −2.816, P < 0.01] and bystander friend norms [t(952) = −2.922, P < 0.01] between the pretest and the first post-test (i.e. First, the effect of being part of an ... Darley, J. M. (1968). The grade level of the students can also affect the outcome of a program, the author notes, as not all programs that work for younger students will work among high school students. This activity is an excellent introduction to research on helping behavior and key principles and techniques in the scientific study of human behavior. This media project from New Zealand focuses on how bystander intervention can help prevent sexual violence. The White Earth Tribal & Community College in accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institute is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, and reprisal. Press Release | Bystander Intervention Tip Sheet | Youth Fact Sheet. It was the dude jumping in between to people to break up the fight. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Powered by CP Week 2017 – Day 3 – Sexual Violence. If you are unsure about what to do, if it is something that you are not comfortable addressing yourself, or if the issue is of a repetitive nature please contact us. 4) When should I report something to Security vs. SRRO? Tip Sheet for Filming Immigration and Customs Officials (ICE) A tip sheet for documenting safely by WITNESS Bystander Intervention. FACT SHEET Bystandersare Essential to Bullying Prevention and Intervention. Before I learned more about this, I always assumed that bystander intervention was some grand sweeping statement. Bystander Action Video, via the Australian Human Rights Commission 'Racism. Anti-Violence and Bystander Intervention: Home . Press Release | Bystander Intervention Tip Sheet | Youth Fact Sheet. CP Week 2017 – Day 1 – Bystander Intervention. Bridge to Hope - Fall 2020 5. It is the rejection of idly standing by while someone, either you know or do not know, is getting hurt, or could possibly be in danger. An estimated 44 percent of violent sex offenses involve the use of alcohol by the predator, the victim or both. Group inhibition of bystander intervention in emergencies. If not, use one of the other four D’s. Sep 9, 2014 - Explore TN Coalition's board "Bystander Intervention", followed by 170 people on Pinterest. People who do choose to act, even when there are bystanders present, do so because they tend to have greater feelings of social responsibility. CP Week 2017 – Day 6 – Seniors Safety. Read this Canadian case study from the Anglican Church of how racism during COVID … about bystander intervention enhances your ability to address possible risky situations at festivals and beyond. Bystander intervention training addresses the issues raised in the barriers to bystander intervention section above. Tips for becoming a proactive bystander ... 4. I hope being aware of suggested strategies will help. Thanks so much for posting the bystander sheet. also has Bystander Intervention Resources, teaching the “5 Ds of Bystander Intervention. Film landmarks (e.g. If not, use one of the other four D’s. CP Week 2017 – Day 7 – Digital Citizenship . Time: Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00 - 5:00 PM. from WITNESS for more details. First, assess the situation. Although bystander intervention can occur in everyday, public situations, please note to the group that the focus of this training is primarily for students to help/intervene with other students.

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